The circus

Four murals (printed paper), two enamel panels, one tapestry and a wooden sculpture.

The project is based on the experience of the young years of the artist.Katerina's parents were circus artists. Her mother had a show with small dogs and her father was a lion handler. They were very young when Katerina was born and the parents were always travelling so Katerina was left in the city of Moscow. She didn't know her parents for the first 5 years of her life but was dreaming of the exciting life they had. The circus in this project is represented as a far-away world full of mystery but if you look closer there is sadness, solitude and a feeling of detachment. At the same time the installation provokes strong family feelings. Tapestry and enamels make you think about the circus dynasties. The black and white murals represent the parent's generation. And obviously, the wooden sculpture is a self-portrait.