World control panel

It all started with the invention of a nuclear button. When Katerina was a little girl, living in the Soviet Union during the cold war, she was horrified by the possibility of a nuclear bombing. Once, she had a nightmare that a skyscraper near her house in Moscow was blown up. Her family was inside it while she was on the street, terrified with horror. The next morning, she woke up and decided that life would never be the same again. She invented the nuclear button. By pressing it Katerina could control the possibility of the war breaking out. The button only worked with the willpower of Katerina. As time passed by, Katerina grew older, discovered new things that potentially could go wrong and the button developed into a machine, the World Problem Control Panel. The machine has a variety of different buttons and levers that control such things as fragility, joy, war, illusions, vanity, coincidences, sudden rage, etc. There are also buttons to control natural disasters, wars and terrorist activity. To manipulate all of them and keep the world in balance requires certain skills, otherwise, it’s easy to create chaos and undesirable effects. Actually, Katerina is only human and when she is distracted by her personal life, the machine is not working. In fact, it only works (as the nuclear button before) with the willpower of Katerina.