Katerina Ashche is a Moscow-born Russian artist. She grew up in a family of circus performers and had a pet cheetah when she was a kid. 

Her art is about telling stories. 

The stories are based on the personal experience of the artist though one never knows where is the edge between the real and imaginary. 

Katerina works with storytelling using visual media such as installation or performance as well as texts. 

Katerina has a deep beautiful voice and she often uses it as a tool in her artwork. It is said that she can see the future and can change it while singing.

She was showing her work in various places like an abandoned military town in the north of Russia to a beauty salon in Barceloneta. 

Currently, Katerina lives and works in Barcelona, in 2016 she was a resident in Fábricas de Creación Fabra i Coats. 



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